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Larry Peter

Julie Sommerville
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standing Since 1859

I was born on a forgotten day in 1859, during the middle period of roadside hostelries, when Californians enjoyed old-fashioned pastimes, gold was freely spent, and a rugged West was still in its formative years.

Strong, skillful hands placed my hardy redwood beams and anchored them as if forever, with hand beaten square nails and wooden pegs. Not even the great quake of ’06 could claim my soul.

I’ve meant warmth and supplies for many a stagecoach filled with weary travelers. There were the days when miners paid their keep with gold dust from the distant fields. I gave them room and board for a dollar a night. I used to listen to them tramp up my stairway with their high boots amid the laughter of elegant ladies.

I remember a day when Petaluma Southerners and Santa Rosa Northerners converged at my doorstep, guns in hand, only to end the day drinking together at my bar. For more than a century my upstairs has been a favorite gathering place for social functions and private parties. General Ulysses S. Grant, it is rumored, spoke from my balcony to a cheering crowd.

A handmade, European piano made for the ears of kings and queens and brought to me from around the rugged Cape Horn made my dances the liveliest and merriest. Many a romance has budded within my walls. Many a pretty lady has graced my dance floor.

I’m set firmly on a rock foundation and rolling hills and untouched pasture land. The air around me is scented by the eucalyptus. In the evening, a blanket of cool coastal fog rides a light wind over the hills. I’ve been seasoned and aged by a thousand sunrises and sunsets – and I’ll come to know a thousand more. I’m known for my good food, drink, and company.